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  • Invest on the Go : Anywhere Anytime
  • Safe & Secure
  • Withdraw Anytime
  • 24*7 Live Portfolio
  • 24*7 Online Chat Consulting
  • Tax Saving In Minutes


For Those who require Financial Goal Settings and Hand-holding 

  • Financial Diagnosis By Dr.Funds Expert
  • One To One Goal Setting
  • Hand-holding For Achieving Goals
  • Personalized Goal Tracker Tool
  • Quarterly Portfolio Review
  • One Dashboard For All Investment Products
  • 24*7 Live Portfolio


For the one’s who deserve Exclusive Wealth Management 

  • Financial Diagnostic By Dr. Funds Expert
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Alerts / Triggers For Entry And Exit
  • Dedicated Wealth Manager
  • Free Tax Planning & Filing
  • Estate / Will Planning


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NRI Clients

Who We Are

 ” Dr.Funds is founded by a young and energetic team where a founding team individually holds more than 2 decades of experience in Managing wealth for affluent and NRI’s. “

Dr.Funds believes India has seen enough of financial chemists where priority has always been product selling instead of need based approach. Team Dr.Funds carry a vision of becoming white sheep of the industry by bringing ethical and transparent practices in Wealth Management business.

Dr.Funds is currently managing wealth of over 1000+ individuals with 2000+ transaction every month and 200+ crore of Assets.

Dr.Funds only approach towards managing wealth is through proper financial diagnosis with the help of scientific financial planning approach.

DR Funds VS Others

DrFunds MF Brokers Real Estate Broker Banks
Mutual Fund Advisory Yes  Yes No  Yes
Real Estate Advisory Yes  No Yes No
Mobile App For All Products Yes  No No  No
Life Insurance Yes  No No  Limited
Medical Insurance Yes  No  No  Limited
One Umbrella Wealth Management Yes  No No  No


Why Dr. Funds?

We give a tailor-made prescription to help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Actionable practical – Advice for every stage of your life.
  • 80+ years of combined wealth management experience.
  • Relationship continuity– Managing relationship for the 3rd generation.
  • Risk Profiling– Asset allocation based approach is the key to success.
  • Expert Advice– unbiased, ethical, professional research-backed advice.
  • Technology– Fully secured modern day technology for smooth execution of
    transactions and portfolio view.
Mutual funds

Let's Plan For Success

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” - Antoine de Saint

Our First Step is to Diagnose

1. Get Acquainted

During this initial informal conversation, we’ll talk about your journey to how you arrived to where you are today. We will also discuss what you would deem as a successful relationship over the past year.

2. Discover Your Ideal Life

This is where we get to know the real you and encourage you to dream big. This conversation will be focused around your dreams, goals, intentions, and life plans. We’ll assess what’s realistic, what has a finance component, and how to make your goals a reality.

3. Get Organized

We’ll focus more on the financial data as we help you to get your financial life organized. Understanding where you currently stand with your banking, debt, investments, and insurance. The most important thing about this discussion is that we extract all the information from your head into one place, so we can assess the areas to tackle first.

4. Prescribe a Healthy Spending Plan

We help you analyze how you are spending money and help you develop a spending plan free-of-guilt. We help you identify your priorities and assist in allocating money in a way that assists you in achieving your goals


5. Create a Financial Health Assessment

The financial plan isn’t complicated which leaves you with more questions than answers. We deliver a plan that describes where you are currently in your financial life and provides a prescription for how to get where you want to be. This is a living, working document that we can easily readjust if life takes a new turn or something unexpected happens. Life is constantly changing and we are there to see you through it. It’s an honor that when something major happens in our client’s lives and we are one of the first people they call

6. Monthly Financial Health Checkups

As your primary financial care specialist, we do Monthly Financial check-ups. Think of this as long-term care rather than a one-time visit. The result is a custom financial plan and includes access to us whenever you need it.

Our Team

We Work With Clients Who:

While we work really hard at being one of the best Wealth Management firm dedicated to the financial health of our clients, you should know exactly who our clients are and aren’t.



  • Want a long-term relationship with an advisor
  • Want to follow the advice of an expert and have the ability to trust that their advisor wants them to succeed as much as they do
  • Respond to emails and requests in a timely manner and are active and engaging throughout the planning and execution process
  • Have the motivation and desire to learn about their finances and better their financial situation


  • Rely on the commentary of TV personalities for sound financial advice
  • Try to time the market and worry about the market’s daily movements
  • Expect to work with an advisor for only than a few months or for a specific interaction
  • Ignore expert advice because a friend or family member provides conflicting information