Private Wealth Management

The Private Wealth Advice Package is a combination of two services – Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Review & Investment Strategy. This is the most comprehensive exercise that you should do to get started for an ideal wealth management journey.

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Services analyses your financial health thoroughly and plans your investments goals through a road map for the future. It secures all financial needs like children’s education, children’s marriage, retirement, and re-structures loans and tax optimization. The steps taken are detailed out below:

Financial prescription – Thorough analysis of your financial profile and risk appetite is done to chalk out short term and long term goals.

  • Seven facets of financial planning are applied according to your portfolio which include investment planning and wealth creation, insurance recommendation, liability management, retirement planning, expenses analysis, contingency planning and tax advisory.
  • Thorough analysis of current cash flows and future projections are made based on the strategy recommended in the plan.
  • Goal Driven Investing – Help you set long term milestones including retirement, earmarking your current portfolio to each of the milestones according to priority, development of a comprehensive investment strategy to achieve the milestones.
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning – Analyzing the current insurance situation on life and non-life front and recommending specific products if there is a need to increase cover.
  • A comprehensive review of your current wealth based on your investment objectives, future aspirations and risk profile. Those looking to maximize returns on their assets would be assisted in executing transactions, and receive periodic updates on portfolio performance.
  • An existing portfolio snapshot first depicts your portfolio allocation at asset level.
  • Then, ideal portfolio recommendations are made for recommendations within each asset class.
  • A detailed action plan is then made to restructure existing holdings to get the ideal portfolio over time.
  • An existing equity portfolio analysis is made to show allocations across sectors and market cap.
  • Recommendations are made on restructuring of existing portfolio holdings (Hold/Sell/Increase/Decrease).
  • A thorough portfolio summary is created after the recommended restructuring
  • Existing mutual fund portfolio analysis
  • Recommendations on restructuring of existing portfolio holdings (Hold/Sell/Increase/Decrease).
  • Portfolio summary after accounting for the recommended restructuring.