Real Estate

We advise our clients not only on the acquisition of real estate, but also on investments and / or lending to the real estate sector through structured transactions with attractive returns.

Direct Purchase of Real Estate

With Dr.Funds we give you the opportunity to make the right decision for your investment in the week

As part of the whole process, we help select and compare from various available options. We also assist in the financing the property through various financial intermediaries.

The advantage of directly investing in property is that it gives you greater control over your investment. Dr.funds can help you invest in to the following types of property.

Residential Property

Our networks of specialists are always at hand to provide expert knowledge on the current market trends and upcoming projects.

  • Pre-launches – Where the construction work has not yet begun.
  • Under constructions – Construction work has already begun.
  • Ready to move-in – Buildings which are ready with occupation certificate.

These can be further divided into two types of markets. Primary Markets where we directly deal with developers for the property of your choice and Secondary Markets where a property is sourced through our trusted retail partners.

  • As one of India’s leading financial organization we are able to commit large volumes of sales to developers who in turn gives us attractive pricing on their inventory. This helps build up a better deal for all our clients.
  • We ensure strict protocols in evaluating properties, meeting developers, understanding their projects, undertaking due-diligence of all security/legal documents and finally negotiations for better pricing and inventory.
  • We work as intermediaries till the time our client’s gets possession of the property.
  • Our clients have peace of mind to the due diligence conducted by Dr.Funds legal teams before deals are made. We also support you in matters of all payments and other documentation processes that we conduct absolutely free of charge.
  • At Dr.funds we work with only the most trusted partners in India. With our years of experience and vast resources across the nation along with our trusted partners, we ensure only the best investment options are put forward. Maximum due diligence is conducted against the secondary seller as a mandatory.
  • Through the secondary market we are able to provide a wide range of inventory due to the combined reach of Dr.Funds and our partners.