Family Office

Family Office

Family Offices are institutions that provide multi-generational guidance along with a robust and comprehensive outlook towards your wealth enterprise.

Ultra- HNI clients generally demand highly specialized services. Family Offices offer superior expertise in constructing or selecting Alternate Investment portfolios and products. They help in getting rid of mundane tasks and reduce costs in achieving a full balance sheet financial management and investment solution. Dr.Funds knows that our clients are in the get-rich business and hence our family office professionals focus on the stay-rich business for them.

What Dr.Funds has to offer to you:

  • A more holistic decision making due to a central financial management centre for your wealth.
  • Access to institutional quality talent, fund managers and resources that would be difficult to obtain at an individual level.
  • Family transfer of assets, heritage and relationships in a more efficient manner.

Family Office Service

The risk-return management includes identifying risks like Credit, Market and Interest rate risk among others and attempts to minimize them while maintaining the highest possible returns. This also ensures better management of liquidity requirements whenever needed.

Dr. Funds provide structured and personalized succession planning to help turn your new money into old money. Professionals help bring improvements in your tax efficiency and in the process direct those funds to a better use.

Different laws and regulations in different states can affect investments and business operations. Our family office legal services can help ensure that your business activities are in line with the same.

Family Governance ensures that all family members should be involved and discuss matters relating to estate planning, family fairness and needs of individual family members. Dr.Funds  know that families have a vision, a succession plan, clear responsibilities among others and Dr.Funds help in achieving them.

Educating the next generation of entrepreneurs about the business is very essential in order to continue a legacy and keep up with the new financial tools. Hence Dr.Funds encourage the younger generation to act responsibly towards the business and educate them on financial literacy.

Ultra high-net-worth individuals often have multigenerational planning where legal advice is essential. Our expertise helps in the strategic planning of transferring wealth from one generation to the next and in the process fosters long-term growth of the wealth.

Philanthropic management not only involves assistance with making effective charitable donations but also involves setting up of foundations. Dr.funds strategize your philanthropic investments in a way that they leave an impact for the betterment of the society.

The Ultra high-net-worth individual has a comprehensive portfolio, which involves a huge amount of financial paperwork and record keeping. Our competent team makes sure that this is carried out in a diligent and hassle-free manner

It is difficult to run a family-owned business successfully generation after generation. Hence Dr.Funds help in making sure that family members are present at the right time to discuss the right things, and in the process keeping the family dynamics intact.