Retirement Planning

Some like it. Some do not. But retirement is a reality for every working person. Most young people today think of retirement as a distant reality.

However, it is important to plan for your post-retirement life if you wish to retain your financial independence and maintain a comfortable standard of living even when you are no longer earning. This is extremely important, because, unlike developed nations, India does not have a social security net.

Retirement Planning acquires added importance because of the fact that though longevity has increased, the number of working years have not.

We will estimate your required retirement corpus after detailed discussions with you regarding expected post retirement lifestyle and likely sources of other income if any.

We will assist in the creation of retirement corpus accumulation and consumption plan based on the above and develop a comprehensive investments strategy and selection of investment instruments.

In simple words, retirement planning means making sure you will have enough money to live on after retiring from work. Retirement should be the best period of your life, when you can literally sit back and relax or enjoy your life by reaping benefits of what you earn in so many years of hard work. But it is easier said than done. To achieve a hassle-free retired life, you need to make prudent investment decisions during your working life, thus putting your hard-earned money to work for you in future.

India, unlike other countries, does not have state-sponsored social security for the retired people. And after several decades when pensions provided many people with a large chunk of money they needed to live comfortably after they retired, things are changing. While you may be entitled to a pension or income during retirement, in the new economic era, you are increasingly likely to be responsible for providing for your own needs.

Although the compulsory savings in provident fund through both employee and employer contributions should offer some cushion, it may not be enough to support you throughout your retirement. That is why retirement planning is extremely important for every one.

There are many reasons for the working individuals to secure their future emergence of nuclear families and its attendant insecurity, increasing uncertainties in personal and professional life, the growing trends of seeking early retirement and rising health risks are among few important risks. Besides falling interest rates and the sustained increase in the cost of living make it a compelling case for individuals to plan their finances to fund their retired life.
Planning for retirement is as important as planning your career and marriage. Life takes its own course and from the poorest to the wealthiest, no one gets spared. “Everyone grows older”. We get older every day, without realizing. However, we assume that old age is never going to touch us.

The future depends to a great extent on the choices you make today. Right decisions with the help of proper planning, taken at the right time will assure smile and success at the time of retirement.

Thus, Investment Planning is nothing but a holistic approach to meet your lifes goals. For more information, Please do contact us.